Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harmony At St. James Lutheran Church

This past week, St. James did something slightly different than in years past. Vacation Bible School was set to a musical theme. Our musical, Spend Awhile On The Nile, was a hit, and we have some hardworking volunteers and pastors to thank for it all. Many new faces came to know us at St. James, and several young members gave a warm welcome to those children who were here for the first time. What a wonderful way to wind down the summer!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

St. James Sunday

On July 29, St. James will celebrate our sanctuary's 20th year of welcoming people for worship. On this day, we will also celebrate our namesake, St. James the Greater, whose feast day is July 25. St. James the Greater was one of the first disciples along with his brother, John. After Jesus ascended back into heaven, James is believed to have been a missionary, spreading the Gospel story to Spain.  May we all be like James, going forth to share God's peace and make disciples in all of the earth.