Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ministry in 2012

Since the beginning of 2012, St. James has been hard at work doing ministry. In January, our Social Ministry Committee began working hard to build a food pantry in the back of our fellowship hall with much more shelving than our former food pantry and a bigger space to hold more canned goods for the many needy people in our community.

In a related effort, our Youth had a lock-in and collected 970 canned goods to help fill our bigger food pantry, which was close to empty. Our youth also had a bake sale, soup sale, and loose change collection, which helped them to raise money which would enable us to continue to keep our food pantry full.

Our church is continually collecting canned goods to feed the hungry people in our area. If you have any canned goods that you would like to donate, please drop them off in our office during our open hours Mon-Thurs, 9AM-2PM. May God continue to work through the Food Pantry Ministry here at St. James as we share the love of Christ with all who are in need.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lutheran Groups at St. James

On January 30, the Lutheran Men in Mission had their quarterly Saxe-Gotha Conference Gathering here at St. James. Wow! What a crowd we had. We welcomed guest speaker, Doug Haugen.

Our Women of the ELCA also met that evening, and made plans for the many different ways in which they will serve people in our congregation and in the community this year. One of those ways is through their annual dinner they provide free of charge to USC students, which will take place in February.

Our Lutheran Girls met on January 14. Their focus this month was on the story of Queen Esther. They had a class in makeup that was based on the story of Esther, and they also received charm bracelets that had charms for each of the skills they have learned this past year.

What fun it is to be Lutheran, and to work and learn together as we share the good news of Jesus Christ in this world!